Rock Summer

  • The first Rock Summer festival was held in 1988. The last in 1997. Only once, in 1990, it was cancelled due to political instability. So there were nine Rock Summer festivals altogether, all held on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds – a precious sight for all Estonians because it is here where every fifth year our Song Festivals, one of the largest choral events in the world with the histroy dating back to the year 1869, a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, are held. The last Song Festival in 2009 gathered more than 30 000 participants and the audience of 80 000 people. But let’s go back to Rock Summer festivals. Here they are. All nine. Briefly.

    Rock Summer # 1

    August 26–28, 1988
    Festival was held under the auspices of the Estonian Peace Committee. It’s slogan was Glasnost Rock – Rock For Peace!
    Lineup: More than 20 artists
    Headliners: Big Country, Public Image Ltd./PiL, Steve Hackett, Ivo Linna with In Spe & Kiigelaulukuuik

    Rock Summer #2

    June 16–18, 1989
    Lineup: up to 30 artists
    Headliners: The Robert Cray Band, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Tõnis Mägi Projekt

    Rock Summer – Freedom Fest

    Was to be held July 27–29, 1990
    Confirmed headliners were The Cure and Sinead O’Connor

    Rock Summer #3

    July 19–21, 1991
    Lineup: more than 30 artists
    Headliners: Jethro Tull, Yellow Submarine “G“

    Rock Summer #4

    July 9–12, 1992 Independence Fest
    Lineup: more than 40 artists
    Headliners: Bob Geldof & His Happy Clubsters, Bonnie Tyler, EMF

    Rock Summer #5

    July 8–11, 1993
    Lineup: more than 50 artists
    Headliners: Procol Harum, Samantha Fox

    Rock Summer #6

    July 14–17, 1994
    Lineup: more than 40 artists
    Headliners: Status Quo, Iggy Pop, David Palmer Orchestra featuring Steve Hackett

    Rock Summer #7

    July 13–16, 1995
    Lineup: more than 30 artists
    Headliners: Simple Minds, Mike & the Mechanics, M-People

    Rock Summer #8

    July 11–13, 1996
    July 12–14, Rigas Mežaparka, Riga, Latvia
    Lineup: 25 artists
    Headliners: ZZ Top,  Paul Young, East 17, Skunk Anansie, Shaggy. Status Quo and Björk performed only in Riga, Latvia

    Rock Summer #9

    June 12–15, 1997
    Lineup: more than 50 artists
    Headliners: Biohazard, Apollo 440, Super Furry Animals