Spyglass is a 5 piece Pop Rock band uniting some of the region’s best musicians for exclusive private events, morphing classic rock ‘n’ roll with the best of today’s pop rock.
The band was created by Nico Timmermans with the aim of merging some of the region’s most polished performers. Aymeric Ardimanni is lead guitarist and widely known within the industry. His originals band, Köma, have opened for the likes of Pete Doherty, ZZ Top and Iggy Pop. Nico Timmermans is singer and guitarist, and his unique sound and stage personality has won the praises of many. Together, they featured on Monaco’s ‘La Rascasse’ album, headed by Julian Lennon.
David Zincke is singer and guitarist, well known for his previous work with the touring unplugged group The Gypsy Queens. He’s taken his original music to the stage with internationally renowned artists including Gomez, De la Soul, Badly Drawn Boy, James Morrison, Lilly Allen and The Babyshambles. On the drums is Scott Richman, an equally talented and energetic artist who performed with the acclaimed English band Intervurt. And on the bass is Frank Borreill, a respected musician with years of experience under his belt and a fun, yet dedicated, attitude.
With their infectious energy and charm, Spyglass has established a strong fan base in the south of France. They’ve also played to audiences in Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
Ultimately, it is the music, the atmosphere and the professionalism that sets this band apart from the rest.


Chateau Diter